ELECTION DAY November 6, 2018

Since taking office in 2014, I have been concerned about the gaps in Frederick County discrimination protection laws. When 2018 brought in a new County Council, I knew that legislation to expand protections from discrimination could garner enough support for passage.

I introduced Bill Nos 19-07 and 19-08 to make it unlawful in Frederick County to discriminate based on gender identity or sexual orientation on May 21. These pieces of legislation would update Frederick County’s discrimination to match that of the State of Maryland and other surrounding jurisdictions.

I am so proud of the support this initiative has received. On June 18th, the County Council voted unanimously to pass both bills, putting local protections in place for our LGBTQIA community. County Executive Jan Gardner signed both bills the following day, making them law just in time for Frederick’s Pride Festival this weekend.

Thank you for the support on these bills and for giving me the opportunity to make Frederick County a safer community for all.

Read more about it here and here.

Thank you County Executive Jan Gardner!

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By the Authority of Friends of Jessica Fitzwater, Chelsea Kadish, Treasurer

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