ELECTION DAY November 6, 2018

54029a300d2d6.imageOn Sunday, August 31st the Frederick News-Post covered Jessica’s campaign efforts by tagging along with her on a day of canvassing door-to-door.

“Fitzwater was also able to convert what could have been fleeting encounters into substantive discussions about the county’s new charter form of government and the importance of transparency and respect for citizens. Even when a voter isn’t at home, Fitzwater tries to establish a connection by leaving behind a campaign flier with handwritten messages complimenting the person’s garden or the color of their front door.”

Jessica spends multiple days a week knocking on doors to meet voters and listen to their concerns and hopes for the future of Frederick County. Residents are energized by her message of open and transparent government, a more balanced approach to growth, and investment in our public schools.

“While the political hopefuls have to work at some interactions, others seem to unfold perfectly. ‘You’re so young! I love it,’ one Worman’s Mill woman effused after Fitzwater introduced herself as a candidate. After a few more minutes of conversation, the woman had asked for a yard sign and even offered to help Fitzwater on her campaign. ‘So that’s a home run,’ Fitzwater said with a smile as she walked to the next door.”

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