Primary Election: June 26, 2018

openBringing Back a Culture of Respect and Open Government
The next County Executive and County Council will be the first of its kind for Frederick County. We’re at the beginning of a completely new form of government, an exciting milestone for our county. As we implement the new charter and work to improve it, it will be important that we elect members of our community who have a genuine commitment to transparency and openness. We must reform the current culture of closed doors and self-serving decisions that has infected Winchester Hall.

Frederick County is only as strong as its people. The best decisions come when all stakeholders have an opportunity to provide input and understand the decision-making process. Transparency is vital to gaining the trust and respect required to lead effectively. Jessica has always been a natural leader who enjoys forging new pathways that lead to exciting solutions. Her experience advocating for public education and the arts has shown her that hard work, collaboration, and the ability to compromise can accomplish great things for our community.

One of the most important jobs of an elected official is to listen. Jessica will propose expanding opportunities for soliciting public comment and feedback on important issues, including bringing public hearings into different parts of the county, using social media to gather feedback from community members,and relying on citizen advisory groups for input.

This new County Executive and County Council have an opportunity to change the course of the future for Frederick County. Our new County Executive will have a seat at the table to work with leaders across the state to meet the needs of our communities. For the first time, our council members will represent districts within the county, ensuring that all local needs are represented and providing a more diverse governance.  Jessica will be working to educate our citizens about the new charter government and the important role citizens will play in moving Frederick towards a better and brighter future.

By the Authority of Friends of Jessica Fitzwater, Chelsea Kadish, Treasurer

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