ELECTION DAY November 6, 2018

openValuing a Culture of Respect and Open Government

Jessica knows that an effective government depends on transparency, accountability, and participation from all stakeholders.

In her first term on the County Council, Jessica has worked to strengthen county ethics laws so that they are the toughest in the state. With her support, Frederick became the first county in Maryland to use an  independent appointment process for the Ethics Commission.

One of the most important jobs of an elected official is to listen. Jessica has modeled openness and accessibility to her constituents through her attendance at frequent community events, attentiveness to constituent concerns, and use of a regular email newsletter — which she writes personally — to communicate about upcoming County Council issues.

Public input during discussions and debate is critical to good decision-making. Jessica has stood against votes taking place without a proper public process and always advocates for votes to be taken after a public hearing, not the same evening, to ensure time for her colleagues to process new information and for the community to weigh in further if necessary.

Jessica approaches each issue with an open mind and looks to her constituents to help determine priorities and paths forward. When divisiveness rears its ugly head, Jessica is a voice of reason and aims to build consensus and find compromise. When the County Executive’s bill to strengthen our Forest Resource Ordinance was poised to fail 4-3, Jessica spearheaded a work group with various stakeholders to create a compromise bill that moved us in the right direction. She works to find common ground whenever possible.

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