ELECTION DAY November 6, 2018

quality_lifeMaintaining and Improving Our Quality of Life

The terrific quality of life enjoyed by most Frederick Countians relies on many factors, including the services provided by our county government.

Libraries, Parks and Recreation — Our outstanding public libraries serve as educational and community hubs. They help us engage in lifelong learning and nurture a love of reading for our children. Our county parks and recreational facilities provide numerous healthful and family-oriented activities. Jessica, knowing the importance of these services,  has supported robust funding for these facilities.

Senior Citizens — During Jessica’s first term on the County Council, she has kept her commitment to our seniors by supporting the county taking control of Montevue and Citizens. She’s supported efforts to revitalize and expand Meals on Wheels to reliably serve more of our elderly. And she’s voted for creation of a Seniors First Initiative to meet the needs of our growing senior population. Frederick County is now on a path to creating a Senior Services Division, elevating the mission of serving our seniors to a higher priority.

Partnerships with Non-profit Organizations — Frederick County has a long tradition of partnering with non-profit organizations that provide critical services to our most vulnerable citizens. After these partnerships were severed during the last board, Jessica has supported new Community Partnership grants to use our public resources wisely and effectively in a manner that leverages the many successful efforts already underway by our non-profit organizations.

Opioid Crisis and Public Health — Jessica has supported expanded public health initiatives by Frederick County’s excellent health department, especially to help address the opioid crisis and provide accessible mental health and behavioral health services.  The Heroin Consortium will bring community resources to bear in a collaborative manner to address this epidemic.

A Diverse Frederick County — Jessica’s bill to repeal the divisive English-Only Ordinance (which had been passed by the prior BOCC) was enacted so that Frederick County can be perceived as the welcoming community it is.

The Tragedy of Human Trafficking — Jessica’s resolution to create the first Frederick County Human Trafficking Task Force was passed. The Task Force will help address this terrible crime by developing community protocols for responding to and preventing human trafficking. Recommendations from the Task Force’s Final Report are now being implemented throughout the County.

Safe Communities — Our fire and emergency medical personnel, as well as our sheriff’s department, provide public safety services that we depend upon every day. Jessica has supported better pay for sheriff’s deputies and corrections officers, and she’s supported the accreditation of the paramedic training program, so we can have the highest quality and best-trained people on the job. She’s also supported efforts to improve training and operation of our essential 9-1-1 communications center. During Jessica’s term, funding for public safety has increased at the same rate as funding for public education

By the Authority of Friends of Jessica Fitzwater, Chelsea Kadish, Treasurer

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