Primary Election: June 26, 2018

quality_lifeMaintaining and Improving Our Quality of Life
Our quality of life in Frederick County relies heavily on the services provided by our county government. By electing responsible, responsive community members, our government will be able to provide the amenities that impact our quality of life and the people that make our county so special.

County libraries, parks, and recreation facilities provide opportunities for communities to come together, to learn from one another, and to enjoy our beautiful cities and towns throughout the county. These services are essential to our quality of life and deserve to be protected. Libraries are educational hubs that allow us to engage in lifelong learning, develop new skills, and share a love for reading with our children. Our parks and rec centers bring us together for friendly competition, sports, or just an afternoon of leisure. Jessica will support maintaining these services to meet the needs of our ever-changing society.

The Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Home uphold our county’s legacy of providing for those less fortunate. After careful research and planning, the former Board of County Commissioners approved new facilities that would benefit the county at little to no expense to the taxpayer. These new and improved spaces provide state-of-the-art rehabilitation services and have the opportunity to provide the highest quality of care. Both centers were on track to close debt gaps and begin bringing in revenues for the county within the next 2-3 years. But the current board decided to sell the new facilities at a considerable loss before they were given an opportunity to prove their worth. Selling these facilities will result in a financial loss to the county and goes against the original intent of the homes and the land on which they reside.

Frederick County has had a long tradition of partnering with non-profit organizations that provide critical services to our most vulnerable and needy citizens. Our current county government has abandoned those values, leaving organizations struggling to meet the needs of our community. Working with these organizations will allow both county employees and non-profit employees to learn from and work with each other to provide even better, more comprehensive services to our communities. Jessica will work to strengthen support for highly-effective non-profit organizations in Frederick County.

Frederick County continues to face a challenge when it comes to waste management. The proposed waste-to-energy incinerator is not a financially-viable or environmentally-friendly solution to managing our waste. Jessica supports expanding the county’s single-stream recycling program to apartment buildings and studying the impact of a composting program. An education plan and potential incentives for citizens who take advantage of these programs could dramatically decrease the waste that must head to landfills. We must continue to preserve our landfill capacity by working with contractors to ship waste outside of the county after re-use, recycling, and composting efforts have taken place.

By the Authority of Friends of Jessica Fitzwater, Chelsea Kadish, Treasurer

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