ELECTION DAY November 6, 2018

schoolsStanding Strong for Our Schools

Providing a quality education for our youngest citizens is a key role of local government. Parents, teachers, community members, and elected officials must work together to make decisions that positively impact our youth.

We also know that the quality of our community schools has a significant impact on our current and future economic prospects, because employers rely upon a well-educated workforce and property values increase when schools are safe and successful.

In her first term on the County Council, Jessica has voted for robust funding levels each year that are significantly above “Maintenance of Effort” in order to attract and retain the best educators and give them the resources they need to provide a 21st Century education experience for all our kids. Jessica has a strong understanding of what our schools need to succeed and is prepared to collaborate with the community, state leaders, and her colleagues on the county level to achieve it.

In her first term, she helped keep construction funding on pace for Frederick High School (now open), and supported its innovative educational program — LYNX — Linking Youth to New Experiences. She’s also supported the successful strategy that will open the doors for both Sugarloaf Elementary and Butterfly Ridge Elementary in the Fall of 2018.

Jessica is committed to the new teacher and staff salary scales that have lifted starting teacher pay from the lowest in the entire state, and which have provided our experienced teachers with a professional pay schedule.

Jessica supports planning residential growth along with school construction to keep our schools from becoming overcrowded and to ensure that all children have access to rigorous, diverse academic courses and programs, regardless of their geographic location within the county.

By the Authority of Friends of Jessica Fitzwater, Chelsea Kadish, Treasurer

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