ELECTION DAY November 6, 2018

Educators from across the country selected Frederick County music teacher, Jessica Fitzwater, as the National Education Associ10325137_788802031159679_2893121637444053585_nation (NEA) 2014 Political Activist of the Year, which honors educators who have taken the most political activity actions and made the biggest positive impact, through politics, on public education. Jessica was one of only four finalists from the over 3 million members of the NEA and was ultimately selected for this award by her colleagues at the 93rd NEA Representative Assembly that took place in Denver, Colorado last week. Read the article here.

“We’ve scoured the data on political activism and legislative advocacy efforts over the past 12 months, counting data from national efforts and those at the state and local level, and among the 3.2 million NEA members, [Jessica is] at the very top,” said Lisa Robillard, Campaign Specialist with the NEA.

Watch Jessica speaking about her activism on NEA’s YouTube video.

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